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Free Flu Vaccinations

28th April 2020
Contact Armajun Aboriginal Health Service today to arrange an appointment to receive your FREE Flu Shot before Winter arrives. Safe measures have been put in place for the protection of each and all of us. Phone Us, If you would like an appointment booked or, if you have any questions or more

Otitis media awareness day promotes importance of ear health

11th August 2017
This time last year, Harrison Faley was struggling to make sense of daycare. Stuck hearing as if he were underwater, his parents thought he was simply a typical, inattentive two-year-old. But in reality, otitis media, a very common middle ear disease for young children, was blocking his more

Hepatitis C Treatments on the PBS

8th August 2016
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have up to five times higher rates of Hepatitis C notifications compared to non-Indigenous people (Kirby 2015). On 1st March 2016, direct-acting antiviral (DAA) hepatitis C treatments became available on the PBS. These drugs have very high cure rates ( more