Services we provide:

  • General dental exams and fillings
  • We offer emergency treatment to alleviate dental pain such as swellings and broken teeth
  • Mouth guards
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction 
  • Oral Health Promotion and Community Education 
  • Preventive Dentistry 
  • Children & Teen Dental

Eligibility to Receive Services

Client Fees

Armajun does not receive sufficient funding to cover all the costs of running the dental service. Dental clinics are very expensive and cost more to run than our medical clinic.

  • $10.00 per visit if client is a Concession care holder
  • $50.00 per visit if client is not a not a Concession card holder
  • Major work is completed at a negotiated agreed cost – based on cost of materials only. (Full cost of treatment will be explained and clients given an option to proceed with treatment).

People can still get free dental at Armajun if they use the NSW Oral Health Number: 1300 651 628 and are given a voucher that they can take to the dentist of their choice that accepts the vouchers.

All dental services for children are free if they meet the Child Dental Benefits Scheme Guidelines (ask our dental staff for more information).