Access to Personal Health Information

04th Nov 2016

Armajun AHS clients have the right to access (and correct) their personal health information under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Release of information is an issue between the client and the healthcare provider.  Information will only be released according to privacy laws and at healthcare provider's discretion. Requested records are reviewed by the healthcare provider prior to their release and written authorisation is obtained. 

We respect an individual's privacy and allow access to information via personal viewing in a secure, private area. The client may take notes of the content of their record or may be given a photocopy of the requested information.  A healthcare practitioner may explain the contents of the record to the client if required.

A client may make a request verbally at the service, via telephone or in writing, eg fax, email or letter. No reason is required to be given. The request is referred to the client's healthcare provider.

A Request for Personal Health Information form is completed to ensure correct processing.