Client Rights & Responsibilities


17th July 2020
Feedback is a much welcomed contribution to quality improvement in our service. It’s an opportunity for Armajun to know where the service is doing well and where we need to improve. Feedback is also a great opportunity for you to actively participate in your health care service. Thank you for more

Compliments, Complaints & Suggestions

20th May 2020
Our service deals with concerns in a courteous and understanding manner. You may discuss with staff if you feel the service is not to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can write to the CEO of Armajun AHS with your concern. Our service provides clients with the more

Clients Rights & Responsibilities

20th May 2020
Clients are entitled to: Be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy by all staff, students and volunteers of the organisation. Receive safe, competent, high quality health care and be involved in your treatment planning and decision making. Ask questions about what you are consenting to more