Community care with the Walkabout Barber

06th Feb 2019
Waterfall Way Designs

A message of hope. A message of healing.

Walkabout Barber Brian Dowd visited Inverell and Tingha late in January. Described by James Sheather as a "proud, strong Aboriginal man", his inspiring message gave his listeners new reasons to smile.

As he cuts, he talks, listens and connects. His passion is to help everyone in the community, indigenous and non-indigenous alike. Brian comes from the country, he yarns in language and he wants nothing more than to help others rise to a place where life has meaning, purpose and healing.

At Brian's workshop, his words took his listeners to another place. Often, as he speaks about his own journey, it's as if he were talking about any one of the stories around the room. When your commitment is to help others in their grief and loss, to help them heal, everyone pays attention.

The Walkabout Barber left Inverell and Tingha with an enduring message:

  • Look after our young ones
  • Look after our old ones
  • Look after ourselves

The Walkabout Barber will be returning to our region in the Easter holidays. Confirmed venues are at Ashford Land Council, and Glen Innes at The Willows. Tenterfield is yet to be confirmed.

Walkabout Barber - the story pt1

Posted by Peter Frare on Monday, January 7, 2019