Armidale Lockdown

As a result of the Armidale Local Government Area lockdown due to 2 cases of COVID19 being detected in Armidale overnight, Armidale's Armajun AHS will be making a few changes to its daily operations to keep patients, staff, and the Community safe.  

People are not to leave their homes except for a few allowable reasons which include getting a COVID19 test, having a COVID19 vaccination and seeking medical attention. 

Armajun will continue seeing patients at the Clinic who need to be seen in person, but only if they do not have any COVID19 symptoms such as sniffly or runny nose, scratchy or sore throat, cough, fever, headache, muscle aches or any other cold or flu-like symptoms.  People who have any of these symptoms should get tested immediately at one of the testing clinics:

  • 🏥 Armidale Hospital Clinic between 9am and 3pm, seven days a week. Appointments can be made by calling 0427 923 080.
  • 🏥 Laverty Pathology drive-through clinic at Airside Business Park on Cameron Drive Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm; Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 2.30pm. Appointments are not required.

🌡️ All patients and staff will be screened before entering Armajun AHS.  

🚗 If anyone has been to Newcastle or the Upper Hunter region since Saturday 31st July, they should be isolating at home and will not be able to enter the Armajun building. 

🤒 Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms will not be able to enter Armajun.  Patients with these symptoms or who have been to Newcastle/Upper Hunter who require examination will be seen in their cars by Doctors wearing full PPE.

☎️ Armajun Doctors can arrange telephone consultations for any patients with cold or flu-like symptoms, or for any patients who do not need to be seen in person at the clinic. Please phone the Clinic on 67 725258  or 1800 ARMAJUN to arrange a telephone consultation.

❤️ We encourage all patients who have Covid vaccination appointments to keep their appointments at the clinic unless they have cold or flu-like symptoms in which case their appointment will be rescheduled so they don't miss out, and a test for COVID19 will be arranged. 

😷 Face masks must be worn at all times whilst inside the Armajun building. They cannot be removed to eat or drink inside the building.

🚗🚙 Armajun AHS transport services and Dental services will be suspended until lockdown is over.

🦷 Any dental appointments will be rescheduled.

💉 All patients are encouraged to have a COVID19 vaccination.  AstraZeneca is available for any person 60 years and over; Pfizer is available for all Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people aged 12 - 59.  Our supply of Pfizer is limited, but we are hoping to receive more vials within the next few weeks to enable us to continue vaccinating the Community.

🏥 Armajun AHS opens at 8.30am and closes at 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. It closes for lunch between 1 - 2pm.

🏠 Please stay in your home unless you absolutely must leave it, to keep yourself, your family, and your Community safe. 

Armidale Region Restrictions