Client Health Information

The Privacy Act requires Armajun AHS to abide by the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which set out the minimum standards required for the collection, storage, use and access to a person’s personal information collected and held by our organisation.

The maintenance of privacy requires that any information regarding individual clients, including staff members who may be clients, must not be disclosed in any form (verbally, in writing, electronic forms inside or outside our Health Service) except for strictly authorised use within the client care context at Armajun AHS or as legally directed.

All client health information is considered private and confidential, and therefore must not be disclosed to family, friends, staff or others without the client’s consent.  

Client Health Information includes: medical details, family information, address, employment and other demographic and accounts data obtained via reception.

All staff members sign a confidentiality agreement when they start working at Armajun AHS.  Any information given to unauthorised personnel will result in disciplinary action, possible dismissal and other legal consequences.

  • Client privacy and security of information is maximised during consultations by closing consulting room doors. All Examination couches, including those in the treatment room, have curtains or privacy screens.
  • The waiting room provides soft music and/or a TV to assist with maintaining client privacy whilst speaking with reception staff.

  • Medical records are not left in public or unauthorised areas of the Armajun AHS.