COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Armidale Armajun commenced it's COVID-19 vaccination rollout today, with Auntie Debbie Green leading the way putting her hand up to receive her 1st dose pictured with Dr Kate Martin as the administering Doctor.

To receive your Astra Zeneca COVID-19 Vaccination you must be

  • an Aboriginal client 55 years and older,
  • or anybody 50 years and older with chronic disease,
  • Non-Aboriginal Armajun patients 70 years and over.

Please phone Armajun on 1800 ARMAJUN to make your appointment to have the Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccination.

The appointment will be for the COVID-19 vaccination ONLY.

Clients will need to make a separate appointment to see a Doctor for any other medical issues or scripts.

You will be given an appointment for your 2nd COVID-19 vaccination, 12 weeks after your 1st.

The Flu Needle can only be given 14 days before, or 14 days after your COVID-19 vaccination.