Views, scenery and friendship at Quit Smoking Retreat

Over the past year the Armajun Drug and Alcohol Program has been running week long smoking and/or cannabis cessation retreats out at the Yaraandoo Eco Resort and Conference Centre near Ebor.

The retreats offer people a break from their usual routines and habits, providing the chance for reflection in a relaxed and beautiful bush setting. Activities including meditation/mindfulness sessions, art, bushwalking, yoga, nutrition and well-being talks, bushwalking and camp-fires fill the days, while massages and great food make sure everyone returns home feeling pampered and refreshed.

Here’s what one participant had to say…

Wow guys,

What an experience I had out at the Yaraandoo Retreat.

I had plenty of excuses in my head about not wanting to go, but you know what, I am so glad that I did. Going through life there’s thing that you might ask, is it working or is there something else besides what I’ve been trying. There is guys. You could have the best education but that don’t make us better than anyone. It’s about the experiences in life, now about money or materialistic things.

My people if you think you have nothing to offer, don’t think like that. We all have something to offer when we open ourselves up to other things. Some of us Koori people are very frightened and don’t allow ourselves to be open to change.

The retreat gave me a kick start again. It has rebooted my way of thinking. I feel that I needed this to get my life back on track. Before the retreat I was down, emotions all over the place and confused about where my life was headed. The retreat has given me the drive to strive for my goals and the activities that were presented during the days that I attended has given me a boost to my self-esteem and helped me to be calm and centre myself.

Thank you so much for giving me the time to heal Armajun.

Great stuff James & Jenny

Kind regards,

Leroy Connors